There began to be lyings sent forth

There began to be lyings sent forth among the people, by Satan, to harden their hearts — 3 Nephi 1:22

The New York Times and its Lies

The latest lies from the New York Times, according to Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media:

Make no mistake. The New York Times rarely makes mistakes. Instead they deliberately lie.


Obama’s “Frank”

The Washington Post has continued to carry on a big lie since at least 2008, when it claimed and has continued to claim, that it doesn’t know who the “Frank” is in Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father.” But now it can be proven that this is a big lie. For details why, see here:

Hiding it from the reader/viewer

From the January 2015, “The JBS Bulletin,” of the John Birch Society (emphasis mine).

“. . . it has become obvious that organization was behind the rioting, both in Ferguson and in the cities where they occurred across the United States and Europe.  There are some simple principles that always seem to be overlooked by the media and authorities in regard to both peaceful and violent demonstrations–missed even by conservative pundits whom many rely on for accurate information.

  • Spontaneous riots are so rare that one can safely say they do not exist. Someone decides when and where to gather–whether the social media networks are used or not.
  • If the rioting is national or international, some entity, national or international in scope, is “calling the shots.”
  • Some entity works the crowd and has been prepared to do so. Recent pictures of young men with bullhorns and pre-printed signs bearing slogans meant to inflame come from organization. Some individual does not go out and purchase a bullhorn because he thinks it will come in handy someday, nor does one go to the print shop on his own to print and pay for the signs. It shows organizational preparation, especially if the slogans are the same from city to city, state to state, even country to country.
  • The rioters own neighborhoods are destroyed, not because these actions are stupid, but because such destruction creates future hardship for those living in the areas that the organization wants to further organize into revolutionary minions. This hardship is agitated into intimidation and discontent, which in turn is turned into recruiting. Someone brings the means to set the fires. No one leaves their home to torch their neighbor’s house when their own home would be vulnerable.

The rioting occurred all across the country. Close examination of the photos of rioters showed that among them were signs displayed that they were the Socialist Workers and other militant socialist entities. This was also true in London, England. The significance of this fact was lost on the media, or they were hiding it from the average reader/viewer as they nearly always do. 

Riots and Police Attacks

This article portrays how Marxists spread lies and create agitation in order to disrupt society and bring about a revolution.